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Our quiz unlocks your sensory preferences and pairs you with a fragrance you'll love.
PINROSE is the first of its kind in  clean beauty fragrance. Smell Life in Color with PINROSE Scents


Once upon a time, we trusted our senses and scent memories profoundly.  Neither fleeting ad nor awe-inspiring billboard could sway us from choosing one type of fragrance over another.

Your nose knows what turns you on

...Be it turned on for a plethora of creative work or hours of toiling over tasks...or turned on for a night out you've been looking forward to!

Our minds know the lands we love, the songs that move us and the sights that bring us joy.  It is aware of the scents that evoke nostalgia and happiness from memories created recently; or those from long long ago. Choosing scents is personal and connected to everything we love seeing, hearing and tasting.

Your mind's eye is well aware of the scents you love. Our Founders worked with Master Perfumers to develop 14 Unique Fragrances.

Want to know your scent profile? 


Take the Scent Quiz. Be utterly amazed by one thing about yourself today.


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