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Your thoughts on Wanderlust and what your favorite vacations smelled like?

My last holiday before the pandemic was to Bali for my best friend’s wedding. Everything smells good in Bali - from the fresh seafood down at the fish market on the beach to garlic fried rice, satay sauce, and civet coffee.And that’s just the food! Then there’s the jungle with its exotic flowers - my favourites are frangipani and orange blossom and of course the distinctive, soothing, and ubiquitous  smell of chempaka that is widely used in Balinese religious ceremonies.

The smell of surfboard wax and zinc sunblock remind me of nervously waiting to catch waves with my instructor giving me a pep talk while much more proficient surfers zoomed past my head.

And the smell of Korean spicy noodles with kimchi reminds me of getting ready with my friend and her family (who are all Korean) on the big day!




Welcome to the Pinrose MUSE Hub! Pinrose is a rapidly expanding fragrance brand that was co-founded by Erika Shumate, who has a lifelong fascination with scent and a determination to build her company with values like playfulness at its core. With co-founder Christine Luby, Pinrose was created to be the most playful company in the luxury fragrance market.

Erika’s curiosity in scent and fragrance was ignited at seven years old. She was amazed how scent triggers memories. She attempted to mix her own fragrances, learned French, visited perfumeries in Grasse, studied the limbic system of the brain, studied History of Science in college with a focus on olfaction (smell) and the psychology of scent.


With Master Perfumers Pascal Gaurin, David Apel, Ilias Eermenidis, David Apel, Nathalie Benareau, Richard Herpin, Vito Lenoci and Harry Fremont…the founders co-created 14 unique unique fragrances.

We want to free our customers from the department store scent-buying experience and encourage them to play and learn about scent in a way that is warm, inviting and, hopefully, exciting," Erika reveals to, Our brand celebrates the customer..."

Pinrose MUSE has evolved as part of that expression to serve those who revel in PINROSE fragrances being part of their perfume wardrobe and everyday joy.

Here in this hub you will find PINROSE blogs, musings by our MUSES, Our MUSE of The Week...and layers upon layers of scents and narratives about how intrinsically tied we are to one another, as we all choose happiness whenever we do!



Your mind's eye is well aware
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Our quiz unlocks your sensory preferences and pairs you with a fragrance you'll love.


Our Founders worked with Master Perfumers to create 14 Unique Fragrances.

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