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PLAYFUL FOR KEEPS - The Short Story of Pinrose

Don’t want to smell yourself coming and going? Neither did the founders of Pinrose, who realized that even “niche” fragrances (never mind the sea of designer ones) are altogether too common, and often recommended without taking your true personal tastes into account.

So, one of our founders, Erika Shumate, who studied the psychology of smell and the sensory phenomenon of synesthesia at Yale University, had a stroke of brilliance: What if the principles of synesthesia could not only create more interesting fragrances, but also detect a person’s scent preferences and thereby provide more personalized suggestions?

Thus Pinrose was born, with the mission to deliver colorful and quirky ready-to-wear perfumes you’ll really love.

The cherry on top? Seriously good fragrance doesn’t have to be so serious! (Or expensive.) We develop our fragrances with award-winning perfumers to be playfully affordable. You can experiment with abandon. Express your multifaceted personality a different way every day. And never smell like anyone else again!

Start your Pinrose journey by taking our synesthesia-based Scent Profile quiz; it’s standing by to suss out your preferences and match you to your perfect scents.


Don’t want to be quizzed? Start here instead...



At Pinrose, we’re serious about clean. We work closely with our perfumers and suppliers to make sure that every ingredient does the best by your nose, your skin and the environment.


THE PINROSE DIFFERENCE Synesthesia 101 with Erika Shumate Founder and CHIEF of Product Development

Do you think of your five senses as being separate from one another?

Erika shares: When I majored in olfaction and the psychology of smell in college, I learned that they’re much more connected than you may imagine. This sensory interconnectedness is called synesthesia. You might smell or hear the color blue or taste the sound of rain, and it greatly influences your perception of scent.

I call on it when I develop a fragrance, using songs, images and even textiles or food to convey my vision to the perfumer. The result is scent rooted in classic perfumery that’s also textured and dimensional in a distinct way because we’re the only house incorporating synesthesia.

So, while it’s true that some people are extreme synesthetes, it’s likely you experience synesthesia at times – even if you’re not aware of it. It’s with your sensory connections and our algorithm-based Scent Profile quiz that we match you to the scents you love and personas you’ll love to express.

You’ve Got Persona-lity: The Pinrose Scents

PINROSE knows you don’t want to smell like anybody else – how dull! Now, bring the power of synesthesia to your nose in a personalized way that invites all your personas to come out and play. Smell different. Smell wonderful. Smell life in color.


Though not an extensive list, here are some favourites. Our most popular scents are available in Pinrose Petals – a perfectly portable, totally affordable way to experiment and play.

​SECRET GENIUS Seductive • Eloquent • Clever

WILD CHILD Flirty • Frisky • Fierce SUN SAINT Breezy • Sparkling • Chill GILDED FOX Artful • Amorous • Lush TAMBOURINE DREAMER Natural • Spontaneous • Affectionate MYSTICAL MISFIT Surprising • Lovable • Offbeat MERRY MAKER Animated • Joyous • Bright PINROSE Deep • Magnetic • Rich LIL’ DIPPER Ethereal • Intriguing • Shy PILLOWTALK POET Tender • Devoted • Revealing



We take notes. Very seriously. World-class noses (the industry term for perfumer) work with our inspiration + beautiful fragrance notes to make very good scents.



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