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Sara and the scents of Osaka, Hong Kong and hiking

I love Japan. Everything about it-- and I can still smell green tea, cherry blossoms and EARTH when I think of Osaka.
Sara Caitlin
October 24, 2021 at 9:00:00 PM

Sara Caitlin

Tambourine Dreamer

LOVE travelling? So ...If you were to look back at one perfect vacation in the past that still makes you smile now, where would that be, and what of its scents and aromas do you remember the most?

The last time I was in Hong Kong with my best friend Jackie Keagan, we knew we only had a few days and who knows about changing travel laws, it was at the cusp of change in Feb 2020. I decided to take in the city from sunrise to sunset and photograph it. I hiked Dragon's Back smack at sunrise...There's something about hiking that smells like fresh orange juice and freshly cut grass. Fragrant orchids and magnolias are interchangeable, but this may more from my memory than fact (I'll have to look it up)!

Having hiked it as teenagers, it's one of the world's best hiking trails. We visited family in Chung Hom Kok, did the rollercoaster thing in Ocean Park and watched the sunset on Brick Hill. The next two days were also epic, featuring indoor ice skating and more hiking (and shopping). I'd love to that Sunrise to Sunset outdoors day again one day.

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