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She is always doing something and usually it’s something to help others.

My mom is my Bold Soul for sure. She is really an amazing woman and our whole family looks up to her.
Stacey @glowquest_
Thursday, December 30, 2021

LOVE travelling? So ...If you were to look back at one perfect vacation in the past that still makes you smile now, where would that be, and what of its scents and aromas do you remember the most?

I love visiting Southern California where a lot of my family is. We would go there every year growing up and being from NY I always loved smelling the different flowers, the chlorine from the pools, salty air at the beach, the orange groves behind my aunts house, and the hot pavement mixed with tuberose.

I remember my summers visiting family in Southern California and when I smell things like orange, Tuberose, ylang ylang, it instantly brings me back to those memories.

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