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Bold Soul is 110% my mama!

I can use all the wonderful adjectives in the English language to describe her and it simply wouldn’t be enough to fully understand how amazing she is.
Denise T
Thursday, December 30, 2021

She loves me and my brother (and even my cousins) unconditionally, and she adores and is obsessed with her grandchildren. She’s bold, she’s beautiful, she’s all heart and soul, and I love her so so much!

My mom use to have this really expensive perfume when I was a kid. I would always splash some on myself, so that I could pretend I was her, and eventually I used it all up. The perfume was eventually discontinued, and my mom went on a journey looking for something that was similar.

Of course there was nothing similar, and nothing that could replace her favorite scent. I always felt bad for using up her last bottle. When I grew up, I continued her long abandoned search for her signature scent.

After many years, I found an old perfume shop in the city, and they had a bottle!! It looked so old, and it was covered in dust. I spoke with the store owner about it, and he was so surprised I even knew what it was. He wasn’t able to sell me the remainder of the bottle, but he did pour out a generous sample of it for me to bring home to my mom. I honestly can’t even describe what the scent is anymore, but if I ever smelled it again, I would know instantly, and I know exactly what I would see while breathing it in - my mom’s warm smile 😊

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